For the period from July 1 to December 31 of this year, the total budgetary expenditures of the United States government came to US$5.3 billion in then-contemporary dollars; adjusted for subsequent inflation, this total would be some US$80,295,000,000.00 ($80.29 Billion) in 2008 dollar terms. Of this amount, US$1.9 billion (US$28.787 Billion=2008) was for national defense and related expenses; the remainder-the preponderance of the money-was for "peacetime" non-defense activities.  (SOURCE:  U.S. Treasury Dept. figures as presented in Table 1 on pg. 4, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II  The War Depafrtment  THE ARMY AND ECONOMIC MOBILIZATION by R. Elberton Smith  OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF MILITARY HISTORY  DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY  WASHINGTON, D. C., 1959)


     Industrial production in the United States for this year reaches a level of 126, based on a scale where  the production level for 1929  equals 100; Japan's production level this year, based upon the same scale, is at the high level of 194.  (SOURCE: Statistical Yearbook of League of Nations, 1940-41, quoted in:  HISTORY OF UNITED STATES NAVAL OPERATIONS IN WORLD WAR II  Volume III The Rising Sun in the Pacific 1931-April 1942 By Samuel Eliot Morrison Castle Books, Edison, N J 2001, page 5, note 1).