According to the help-wanted listings appearing in the NEW YORK TIMES on Monday, December 20, 1971,  the CHASE MANHATTAN BANK is willing to offer "excellent salaries" for both full time and per diem teller trainees (but the salaries are not specified in the ad). Also, the NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH AMERICA is looking for experienced tellers, again with no salary specified.

   In the same day's paper, "accountancy" jobs are being advertised that pay up to US$ 16,000-US$ 18,000 per year. The US$ 18,000 job lists a CPA as one of the "preferred" requirements

    There is also an advertisement for a college graduate with an education major to work at a 3-month to 1 year  temporary job while waiting for a permanent appointment. This job carries a salary of US$ 6,800.

    In another job being offered to college graduates, there is a US$ 6,000 per year opening for a trainee in advertising and public relations.

   There are also three job listings for NCR 3000 series business machine operators at salaries around US$  155 per week, or US$ 8,060 per year.

   Finally, there are many openings advertised for Clerk-Typists at salaries of about US$ 125 per week., and a cost accountant job at US$12,000 to US$ 13,000 per year.  (SOURCE: [All Listings]: NEW YORK  TIMES, Monday, December 20, 1971, pg. 66 C).

    In the NEW YORK TIMES edition of Monday, December 20, 1971, among the Real Estate listings is one for studio apartments in a "luxury a/c building" on Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens-Forest Hills area, for "From US$ 190" per month.

    There is also an advertisement for "Full 1 bedroom apartments" in Kew Gardens for "from US$ 199" per month.

    In Beechhurst, Queens, the "Waterfront" Cryder House on Powells Cove Boulevard is advertising  2 bedroom/2 bath apartments on the 18th floor for US$ 475 a month. The same building is offering 3 bedroom/2 bath apartments on the 3rd floor for US$ 525 per month. These apartments all come with private balconies, dining rooms, access to a private beach, swimming pool, and dock. The US$ 525 per month apartment would cost US$ 6,300 per year, or about 1/3 the salary of an accountant making US$ 18,000 per year, and almost all of the Clerk-Typist's salary of US$ 125 per week, or US$ 6,500 per year (before taxes). (SOURCE:  NEW YORK  TIMES, Monday, December 20, 1971, pg. 65 C).

    According to the same edition of the NEW YORK TIMES, the Lincoln Square Motor Inn at 155 West 66th Street in Manhattan is advertising  studio apartments, and one- or two bedroom apartments for rent, starting at US$ 70.00 per week, or US$ 3,640.00 per year.

    The Churchill, an "apartment residence" building at 300 East 40th Street in Manhattan,  is offering studio apartments for rent starting at US$ 359.00 per month; 3-room apartments in the same building are being offered starting at US$ 438.00 per month.  (SOURCE:  [both items]: NEW YORK  TIMES, Monday, December 20, 1971, pg. 64 C).

    Also in the December 20, 1971 issue of the NEW YORK TIMES, in the Real Estate section on page C  65, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath penthouse apartment at 65 East 76 Street in Manhattan, between Park and Madison Avenues is offered for rent at the price of US$ 850 per month, equivalent to US$ 10,200 per year.