According to an article carried in the NEW YORK TIMES on Tuesday, June 18, 2002, the business of licensing brand names or other trademarks from one company to another for commercial exploitation is worth US$ 93 billion at this time. In this business, associations with hit movies usually get the most attention, but the "renting out" of food and beverage brand names grew by 3% in 2001, reaching a value of US$ 12.4 billion, while the over all business of licensing actually fell by about 4% in retail sales in the same period. Usually in such licensing deals, the owner of the brand name receives from 1% to 7% of retail sales of the product "renting" the name.




        INTEREST RATES:                         6/17/2002

                   PRIME RATE:_____________4.75%

           DISCOUNT RATE:_____________1.25%

             3-MONTH BILLS

                    (Median Rate):                           1.70%


               6-MONTH BILLS

                    (Median Rate):                            1.80%

    10-YEAR T-INFLATION:_____________3.03%


               10-YEAR NOTE:                             4.85%   

                 30-YEAR BOND:                             5.46%

         TELEPHONE BOND:______________7.55%

           MUNICIP. BONDS:______________ 5.27%




    (SOURCE:  NEW YORK TIMES, Tuesday, June 18, 2002, pg. L C15).