For the  month ended April 30, 1970 in the United States mutual fund sales have declined to US$ 371 million, but redemptions have remained at a low level; last month sales were US$ 451 million. The Investment Company Institute will report on November 3, 1970 that redemptions totaled  US$ 306 million, compared to US$ 285 million of redemptions in March, 1970. Net assets of funds dropped to US$ 42.8 billion in April, 1970 from US$ 47.9 billion in March. Funds bought more stocks than they sold in April, drawing US$ 136.8 million from their cash holdings. (SOURCE: N. Y. DAILY NEWS, May 21, 1970, pg. 64) 

    For the month ended April 30, 1970 in the United States private construction spending has accounted for all of the month's decline in construction spending. At US$ 60.7 billion on an annual basis, such spending stood at US$ 1.6 billion less than the March level, accordsing to figures released by the U. S. Department of Commerce.  In April, 1970 also, public construction spending has risen to a US$ 28.4 billion annual rate from a level of US$ 28.0 billion in Marech, 1970. (SOURCE:  N. Y. DAILY NEWS, June 2, 1970, pg. 42)

For the month ended April 30, 1970, business failures in the United States have increased 7.7% from last month's rate. This is the third consecutive monthly increase for such failures. They total 992 this month, which is a two-year high level, according to Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. This is also up 21% from April, 1969, but slightly below the total of 1,003 recorded in April, 1968. Dollar liabilities rose to $US 131.9 million, a 9.9% rise from last month.  (SOURCE:  N. Y. DAILY NEWS, June 10, 1970, pg. 66)